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Have you ever blown your last dollar joining the "latest, greatest, hottest, new deal that claimed to be the next billion dollar giant" only to see it fail within 2-3 years, leaving you to start over?

Or, ever jumped from deal to deal thinking if you just changed the scenery and joined a new company which marketed a different line of products or featured a different pay plan that you'd finally succeed?

Or, ever struggled to the point it left you disappointed and wanting to quit, wondering whether anyone makes money, let alone becomes wealthy in network marketing?

Or, perhaps you're new to network marketing, but you've heard the horror stories? Regardless of your answer, you need to read the following, life changing information now or you're destined to fail in the future, or at the very least you'll end up having to work harder only to make less and then have to wait longer to get paid less, unless you get lucky!

The late Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping tycoon and one of the world's wealthiest men when he was alive, once said, "The secret to success is to know something nobody else knows!" Read this website very carefully because...

We're going to reveal the "5 rules" for achieving financial freedom in the new millennium plus a "secret formula" called the "6 Parameters" that few people know which is being used by several industry insiders to give themselves a competitive edge against people like you, and most exciting, we're going to let you copy a $1,000,000 business!

Most importantly, you won't learn this "million dollar formula" anywhere else because no one is teaching it! It's a culmination of extensive research that takes into account history, facts, trends, case studies, and timing as well as firsthand experience in the network marketing industry over the past 4 decades, and, until now, has been known to only a select few!

And here's the best part! You can put your wallet away! Unlike many so-called internet marketing "gurus" and their sidekicks who charge $97, $197, $297, $499, $999, up to several thousand dollars for information and secrets that, in most cases, are either outdated, useless, incorrect, or flat out wrong, we're giving you our time tested concepts, proven strategies, and scientifically developed formula for success, absolutely FREE! That's right! FREE!

In fact, unlike many websites where they string you along and then at the very end hit you with a variety of bonuses and "you can have all this for the low, low price of x," we're not going to try to sell you anything! There's no hidden agenda in order to try and extract money from you! When we said FREE, we meant it!

Some Are Calling Us "Nuts" For Giving It Away For Free!

We've been told "you guys must be crazy" for giving this proven moneymaking formula away for free, that we should be charging you $30, $40, $50, $100 or more, but frankly, we're not interested in your money and dinging you a one time charge as well as monthly fees!

We're interested in you because we know that once you become more knowledgeable about this industry, learn how to analyze different opportunities and how to make a smart decision that puts the odds of success in your favor, that you could become a force to be reckoned with, and that's just the type of person we'd like to work with! Someone who is ambitious, motivated, determined to succeed, and knowledgeable who is simply looking for a mentor or coach that can put them on the right path and then help them achieve the success and income they desire.

After all, we can make a lot more money having you on our team and helping you become a 6 or 7 figure yearly income earner than we could earn by charging you the amounts you've been dinged in the past by so called internet marketing "gurus" and others for information or strategies that proved to be unworkable for you, useless, outdated, incorrect, or simply wrong!

You Need to Ask These 3 Questions!

And that brings us to the first point we need to stress: Whenever you read a book, pop in a CD, listen to a speaker at a meeting or seminar, or visit a website, you should ask yourself 3 questions:

1) Why should I listen to this person? What makes them an expert?
2) Provided they establish their credibility, is there anything I can learn, that I can take with me and use to become more successful and earn more money?
3) Is it possible that this person could mentor or coach me? Better yet, is there any possible way that I could join this person's team and work with them?

Regarding the answer to question #1, my partner and I have a combined 65 years of experience in the direct selling/network marketing industry, having built some of the fastest growing, largest, and most successful organizations in the industry over the past 3 decades, with one or both of us having been featured in such industry publications as MoneyMaker's Monthly (now the Network Marketing Business Journal) and on the list of top 100 biggest earners in the world in the network marketing industry!

In fact, in 2 opportunities prior to our company, we built combined teams of almost 1 million distributors, our groups generated around $2 billion U.S.D. in sales, numerous people on our teams earned up to $1 million U.S.D. a year or more, and we collectively earned around $12 million U.S.D. (Not bad considering one of us never graduated from high school and the other dropped out of college!)

In addition, we helped to pioneer the binary pay plan for the MLM industry back in the early 90's, we were among the first to introduce automated, online recruiting systems to the network marketing industry, and we have extensive knowledge and in depth experience in regards to compensation plans, regulatory compliance and international expansion.

It would be fair to say that we're considered 2 of the top network marketers in the world today, which is in stark contrast to many people you'll meet online who, despite having self appointed titles like "internet marketing consultant," "home based business expert," "lead generation consultant," "network marketing coach," "success coach," and the like, actually have little to no experience and no proven track record of success!

How can this be, you ask? It's simple. They bought some e-book or information package from a supposed "internet marketing guru" who has taught them to "brand" themselves to be something they're not (an expert) in order to "attract" people like you so they can sell you the guru's information or system and make some money, all under the guise of wanting to help you succeed! Amazing, but true! We run across these folks all the time!

You need to ask some hard questions to people claiming to be "experts," "consultants," "coaches," and the like. How long have they been in the network marketing industry? What size groups have they built before? What types of incomes have they earned? Are they top leaders in their current opportunity? Have they personally used whatever they're trying to sell you and what type of results did it generate? If they don't sound credible and can't provide documentation that can be verified, you need to drop them like a hot potato! (If they try to avoid answering the hard hitting questions, you know they're not really experts! Boy, are there some stories we could tell about our experiences online with some of these so-called experts, but we'll save those for another day!)

As far as the answer to question #2, we're confident you'll probably learn more about how to succeed in network marketing after reviewing the information contained below than you've probably learned in your entire career, especially once you've learned the "6 Parameters" formula, a proven and systematic approach to putting the odds of success in your favor based on history, facts, trends, timing, positioning, and 3 decades of experience that few people know which can put you on the fast track to making money in record breaking time!

In terms of the answer to question #3, leave that up to you! Suffice to say, many who have had the opportunity to work with us have gone on to become 6 and 7 figure yearly income earners, many of whom had never enjoyed that type of success and income prior to working with us! You could be next, provided you learn the valuable lessons contained in this section, follow a proven blueprint for success, and you're willing to make the changes and the take the action necessary to succeed! In fact...

You are standing right in front of a vast, limitless mountain of the biggest
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It is estimated that 80% of network marketers never earn a red cent in profit! And the truth is, virtually none of them ever will. They live broke, stay broke and will probably die broke, while a small minority continue to rake in hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, up to $100,000 a month and more! It's true. They are just as broke today as they were when they signed up in their first program. Does this sound familiar to you, too? If that's your reality, let us ask you this:

Have you ever wondered why some distributors make up to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, all the way up to $100,000 a month or more while others struggle to just break even, let alone earn a profit from all their hard work? Perhaps you've been one of those struggling?

Did you ever consider that there might be just a few small differences between you and the industry's top earners, and that those small differences are what produce massively different results? A simple reason or two that has eluded you up until now - that others may already know about?

As you read this, we're here to tell you that you have may have one final chance to grasp the future you've always wanted! It's out there, but probably not where you think. And if it wasn't for the valuable, life changing information you're about to read, it would stay that way, until one day in the not so distant future, out of sheer frustration at another failure, you walk away from an industry you could have taken so much from, an industry that may have one day changed your life, forever.

Don't let that happen to you! You're about to discover that the future you want is hiding from you and we're going to reveal how and where to look to find it, while you still have the chance to do it!

So, let's get started, but before we do, there's something we need to stress: If you want to learn, you're going to have to take the time to read! There are 2 ways to obtain knowledge: One is trial and error and learning from your own mistakes (more time consuming and much more expensive) OR, you can read, listen to CD's, attend seminars, and learn from the mistakes of others (much less expensive in the long run. It's far cheaper to learn from the mistakes of others than to make your own!)

Have you heard the adage, "Knowledge is power?" Whoever said that was wrong! Knowledge is only power when it is applied! Knowing something and not putting it to good use is no better than not knowing it in the first place!

Speaking of knowledge, we're going to highlight the 5 rules for achieving financial freedom in the new millennium first, and then we're going to reveal the "6 Parameters," as both the "5 rules" and the "6 Parameters" are part of an overall formula and decision making process that you're about to learn and be able to apply in order to put the odds of MLM success in your favor and maximize your income earning potential.

Some of you may already know much of the information contained in the 5 rules section, but keep in mind that a number of people new to the home based business, direct selling, and network marketing industries are going to be visiting this site and they may be unaware of some of this information, hence the reason for including it on this page. Besides, it's never a bad idea to refresh your memory!

The 5 Rules You Need to Know to Achieve
Financial Freedom in the New Millennium!

Rule #1: You Must Have Your Own Home Based Business!

According to Forbes magazine, 3 out of every 4 millionaires own their own business, with many having achieved financial independence with their own home based business! Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," states, "the #1 thing that people can do to become wealthy is to start a part time home based business!"

Most importantly, it needs to be a home based business where you can apply the 2 most powerful wealth building concepts ever created: "Leverage" and "residual income!"

Rule #2: You Need to Take Advantage of
"Leverage" and "Residual Income!"

"Leverage" is the ability to get paid on not just your efforts, but on the efforts of others as well. This way if something happens to you and you can't work, you can still continue to earn an income. In fact, your income can continue to grow, whether you're actively working the business or not, because your network continues to grow! Now that's called working smart!

Unfortunately, for the average person, they get paid on their efforts and their efforts alone. They simply trade their time for dollars, and there's only so many hours a day one can work!

More importantly, the day they stop working is the day they stop getting paid! If you're not in a business where you can take advantage of "leverage," you'll probably never become financially independent!

The late oil tycoon, J. Paul Getty, one of the world's wealthiest men when he was alive, once said, "I'd rather earn 1% on the efforts of 100 people than 100% on my own efforts!" Getty understood the power of leverage. In fact, it's how the world's wealthiest people have created their wealth!

"Residual income," the second concept in the wealth creation formula, is the ability to get paid over and over on a one time effort. For example, you sell a customer a product that is consumable, meaning it has to be re-ordered. Every time they re-order the product, you make money! Examples of a consumable product would be a health product, a nutritional supplement, skin care products, and make up.

So, there's your first 2 rules! You will likely not achieve true financial independence in the "new economy" unless you have your own home based business and you are taking advantage of the concepts of leverage and residual income!

Rule #3: You Need to Be in the Right Industry!

So, you want to make a lot of money, right? Well, wouldn't it make sense to be in the one industry where the biggest incomes are earned? Yes!

Did you know that the sales and marketing profession is the highest paid profession in the world? It's true, and the highest earners in the sales and marketing field are in the network marketing industry, primarily due to the fact that it's the one industry where the average person can apply the concepts of leverage and residual income!

What is "Network Marketing?" It's simply "word of mouth with a payday," a business model where companies take the money they would normally spend on advertising, and instead, pay satisfied customers and ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself a commission for referring people you know and people you meet who purchase their product or service, as well as bonuses on the sales volume of those you refer who become distributors and on the sales volume of the teams they develop.

Most importantly, it's the only type of home based business where the average person can take advantage of the concepts of "leverage" and "residual income with little to no large financial risk!

Today, over 15 million Americans and over 60 million people around the world are taking advantage of the new millennium's #1 moneymaking opportunity, with network marketing now accounting for $30 billion in yearly sales in the U.S. and over $100 billion in yearly sales worldwide.

According to Neil Offen, President of the Direct Seller's Association, "network marketing is growing faster than all other forms of retailing!"

• Investors on Wall Street are noticing it!
• Fortune 500 companies are adopting it!
• Experts are writing about it!
• The media is talking about it!

In fact, Fortune magazine calls it "the best kept secret in the business world!" It's a global phenomenon that's quickly becoming the #1 method for distributing new products and services in the 21st century, and with good reason!

Today, the average person is exposed to several thousand selling messages a day, be it newspaper ads, magazine ads, radio commercials, tv commercials, billboards, internet banner ads, spam emails, and the list goes on and on. As a result of this "clutter," the average person tunes out most commercials. However, they will listen to a recommendation from a family member, friend, or co-worker. "Word of mouth" has always been and will continue to be the most powerful and believable form of advertising, which explains why network marketing is now the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to introduce a new product or service to the marketplace.

According to well known economist, best selling author, and advisor to several U.S. Presidents, Paul Zane Pilzer, "The fortunes to be made today and in the years ahead will be made by those who are involved in teaching people about new products and services that they either didn't know existed or didn't know were now affordable. That is, intellectual distribution, as opposed to physical distribution, is where the greatest fortunes are being made today and will continue to be made for at least the next decade.

Manufacturers today report that the greatest bottleneck they have is not in creating the next great new product; it's how to reach people and teach them that these new products exist. Person-to-person, word-of-mouth communication represents the cutting edge of intellectual distribution. This is why we are seeing so many Fortune 500 companies jumping into the direct selling arena, and Wall Street investors such as Warren Buffet entering the business."

Buffet, the world's 3rd wealthiest man and considered the most successful investor in history, calls his decision to purchase a direct selling company "the best investment I ever made!" He's not the only billionaire to make a move into the direct selling/network marketing industry. British billionaire Sir Richard Branson owns a direct selling cosmetic company and famous U.S. real estate mogul and billionaire Donald Trump is a proponent of network marketing, as is best selling author Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" fame.

Success leaves clues! Whenever you see some of the world's wealthiest people making a move into a particular industry or type of business, that should be a wake up call to everybody else! Want to be successful and wealthy? Do what successful and wealthy people do, and do the exact opposite of everybody else!

Most exciting, the network marketing industry's biggest period of growth is about to occur, making it even more lucrative for those who position now and take action! In the next several years the number of people in network marketing is anticipated to skyrocket from over 60 million people currently to upwards of 200 million people!

The million dollar question is this: How many of the 150 million new people about to enter the network marketing industry would you like to have on your team, "leveraging" (there's that important concept again) off their efforts and creating a lucrative part or full time income for you and your family?

Why this tremendous growth? Once again, the answer is simple. Due to economic conditions, the lack of job security in the "new economy," as well as the spread of free enterprise throughout the world, people are looking for ways to make more money, to supplement their income and lead a better lifestyle, to create a "nest egg" for a comfortable retirement, and they're looking for an affordable business they can run from home in their spare time where there's no large financial risk and none of the disadvantages of owning a store or a franchise. Network marketing is the perfect vehicle for them, but not just any ordinary opportunity will do!

Rule #4: You Need to Target the Right Audience
and Market the Right Products to Maximize Your Income!

Here's a revelation for you: Don't fall into the "It's not for me!" trap! It's one of the biggest mistakes that people make in our industry! Listen, this may sound harsh, but the world doesn't really care what you think or what you like! You're not going to create an above average to extraordinary income based on what appeals to you, but rather on what appeals to the masses! You need to think like a professional marketer if you're going to succeed in the "network marketing" business!

The key word here is "marketing!" You're in the marketing business now! If you want to get paid for what you think or what you like, get a radio show or write a newspaper column! It's rather amusing to talk to people and you'll hear them say, for example, "I'm not into health and wellness." Who cares what you're into! If you're interested in earning a big income, you better get into it! It's historically where the biggest checks have been earned in our industry, and it's more true today than it ever has been, primarily because you have over 1 billion aging baby boomers today and they've got more money to spend than anyone else! You need to focus on what they are into, not what turns you on!

Here's an analogy to help drive the point home: There are a number of different types of mines. There's coal mines, copper mines, silver mines, gold mines, and diamond mines. Let's pretend for a moment that we're miners and we want to earn the biggest income possible. If we were smart we'd do some research to find out which mines pay miners the biggest income, wouldn't we? Of course!

Let's say we discovered that coal mines paid the least income and diamond mines paid the biggest income! Which mine are you going to dig in? The coal mine? No! Why? Because they pay the least amount of money! If our objective was to earn the biggest income, we'd go dig in the diamond mine, regardless of whether we liked diamonds or not!

We see it happen in our industry all the time, people choosing opportunities based on what they think and like, making an emotional decision instead of making a smart and calculated business decision that increases their chances for success and positions them for the maximum income.

Which mine should you be digging in? That's easy! It's the health and wellness mine and there are a variety of reasons as to why it presents the #1 moneymaking opportunity this decade for ambitious and motivated entrepreneurs like you!

First, as mentioned above, historically the biggest incomes in network marketing have been earned by the largest number of people in opportunities that feature health and wellness products!

Second, as noted above, you have the aging of more than 1 billion "baby boomers" in the world, individuals born between 1946-1964. They are not only the largest demographic audience in the world, they are also the group with the most spendable income!

What are they interested in? Looking younger, living longer, being healthy, leading a more active lifestyle, and having the money to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Third, you have the failure of health care systems to keep people! Fourth, you have the rising cost of health care. Fifth, you have new bugs and viruses coming at us, such as Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and others. Fifth, doctors are recommending supplementation in increasing numbers as most of the soil our food is grown in today is deficient in minerals and other nutrients due to top soil erosion and over farming, and because new studies are beginning to show the benefits of daily supplementation.

Finally, Do you know what the most searched term is online today? Health! Today, it's easier to disseminate information and reach a global audience faster than at any time in history, and the Internet is not only helping to fuel, but accelerate the global health and wellness revolution!

As a result, people today are taking a more proactive role in their health, and a major paradigm shift is occurring as the focus is shifting from disease care to taking steps to prevent sickness and disease in the first place, all of which explains the meteoric growth in the sales of nutritional supplements and health products.

Paul Zane Pilzer, noted economist, best selling author, and advisor to several U.S. Presidents, predicts the wellness industry will be the next trillion dollar, explosive growth market! Pilzer states, "More millionaires will be created in the health and wellness industry this decade than were created in the real estate boom of the 80's or the Internet gold rush of the 90's!"

Notice he said "health and wellness?" He didn't say travel, telecommunications, online shopping, video email, make up, or a host of other products and services, many of which are sold thru network marketing. It's simple-if you want to increase your chances for success and maximize your income earning potential, you need to be marketing health and wellness products!

In other words, you need to be digging in the right mine plus you need to develop the skills necessary to be successful! As I mentioned earlier, I can hear some people already saying, "Health and wellness isn't for me." Well, if you're a professional at marketing, what is or isn't for you doesn't matter!

Furthermore, if you want to position yourself to earn the biggest incomes, you better get into it because it's the sector that has created the biggest incomes for the largest number of people in our industry!

Remember, you're not going to make a fortune based on what you're into! You're going to make a fortune based on what over a billion other people who have the most amount of money to spend are into! Let others market these other types of products and services and earn less than the biggest income possible, not you!

All this being said, not just any health and wellness opportunity will do! You're about to learn the "6 Parameters" formula which guarantees you make the right decision about which opportunity you choose, but first….

What have you learned so far? Working a J-O-B is not the answer to becoming financially independent in the 21st century, and, if you're going to achieve financial freedom in the new millennium, you need to know the rules!

First, the vast majority of millionaires achieved financial freedom with their own business, and that in the new millennium, a home based business is the average person's best chance at achieving financial independence!

Second, You need to be in a business where you can take advantage of "leverage" and "residual income," the 2 most powerful wealth building concepts known to man!

Third, Network Marketing is the ultimate home based business for the average person, and more importantly, it's the only type of opportunity where the average person can apply the concepts of leverage and residual income.

Fourth, the biggest fortunes in the new millennium will be earned in the health and wellness industry, with a special emphasis on targeting the more than 1 billion aging "baby boomers."

Now There's Just One Critical Question Left For You to Answer!

So, you now know how (network marketing) and where (health and wellness) the biggest fortunes will be earned by the average person this decade!

Now the question becomes, "Which health and wellness opportunity do you pursue?" After all, there are hundreds and hundreds of health and wellness companies in the network marketing industry. For most people, the answer to that question is like looking for a needle in a haystack, or, as famous singer Elton John says in one of his songs, Honky Cat, "its like trying to find gold in a silver mine."

Here's how most people make their decision: They hear about an opportunity, go to a meeting, like what they see and hear, get excited, and sign up. It's no wonder so many fail! That's not how you should make a decision!
In fact, it's a guaranteed way to FAIL!

Rule #5: Make Your Decision Using the "6 Parameters" Formula!
The #1 Secret to Success in Network Marketing Is Hidden Below!

Can You Find The "6 Parameters" Formula?

It's the most critical decision someone will make, yet most people have no idea how to make a smart decision when it comes to evaluating network marketing opportunities and deciding which one to pursue! They go to a meeting, like what they see and hear about a company, its products, and its pay plan, fall for the "hype," misinformation, and sometimes outright illegal claims being promoted from the front of the room such as "our product cures cancer, prevents diabetes, and the like," or they allow themselves to be influenced by improper and illegal income claims or guarantees, they get excited, and sign up.

They make an "emotional" decision based on what they think or what they like which virtually guarantees their failure instead of a calculated business decision based on history, facts, trends, timing, and positioning that guarantees they put the odds of success in their favor!

It's no wonder such a high percentage of people fail, despite many working hard and giving it their all! Perhaps you've been one of them? Get this one decision wrong, and nothing else matters!

For example, pick a "new groundfloor deal," and it has a 99% probability of being out of business within 2-3 years, regardless of how great they claim their products are, how lucrative their pay plan appears to be on paper, how good their online business building system might be, and regardless of hard you work! You've not only wasted 2-3 years of time that you can never gain back, but you're left to now start over! Ever had this experience?

Or, pick an "old school" company where you typically have to build 5-10 teams or more and you'll end up working harder to make less and waiting longer to get paid less! It's enough to leave you disappointed, frustrated, and dejected! Perhaps you've already had this happen to you? We bet you have!

Here's the good news! After today, you'll never again have to worry about being one of them as you'll have a fool proof formula that will automatically determine which specific opportunity you should pursue and why! You can say goodbye to failure-forever!

Let's start at square one! Your objective when making a decision about which opportunity to pursue should be two-fold: First, the decision you make should increase your chances for success, not decrease them!

Second, the decision you make should position you to maximize your income earning potential, to earn the biggest income possible, not minimize your income earning potential and earn the lowest income possible!

In order to accomplish these 2 objectives, you'll need to know which type of companies since the year 2000 have enjoyed the greatest growth, the most success, and where have distributors earned the biggest incomes?

The Most Successful MLM Companies Since the Year 2000
Have 3 Common Denominators. Do You Know What They Are?

The only way to know this information is either extensive, first hand knowledge of the industry and its history, or through research. Unfortunately, most people have little of the first, and don't bother to do any of the second! If you do the research, here's what you find:

Since the year 2000, the majority of companies that have experienced the greatest growth, enjoyed the most success, and where distributors have earned the biggest incomes have 3 common denominators:

Common denominator #1: They are health and wellness companies. This is not surprising! Traditionally, the biggest checks have been earned by the greatest number of people in health and wellness companies. It's more true today than it ever has been as there are some unique events taking place in the world today that are converging to turn the wellness business into the next trillion dollar industry!

First, you have the aging of more than 1 billion "baby boomers," individuals born between 1946 and 1964. "Boomers" are the largest demographic audience in the world and the group with the most discretionary or spendable income. What are they interested in? Looking younger, living longer, being healthy, and leading a more active lifestyle.

Second, you have the failure of health care systems to keep people. Third, you have the increasing cost of health care. Fourth, you have new bugs and viruses coming at us such as Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola, etc. Fifth, you have new discoveries and studies that validate the efficacy of various plants and fruits in fighting disease and aging. Sixth, more and more doctors are recommending supplementation in lieu of recent scientific studies and because the soil our foods are grown in today are minerally deficient due to such factors as soil erosion and over-farming.

As a result, people are taking a more proactive role in their health and sales of nutritional supplements and health products have skyrocketed! According to Paul Zane Pilzer, noted economist, best selling author, and advisor to several U.S. Presidents, "More millionaires will be created in the wellness industry this decade than were earned in the real estate boom of the 80's or the Internet gold rush of the 90's."

Could you make some money marketing travel, telecommunications, online shopping, video email, skin care and make up, and a host of other products or services? Sure, but you're not interested in making some money, remember? You're looking to make a smart business decision, one that increases your chances for success and that maximizes your potential to earn the biggest income possible!

Common denominator #2: They have a limited number of products. Once again, hardly surprising. It's easier for the average person to learn about a few products than it is to learn about and effectively promote 30-40-50 products, several hundred products, or several thousand products.

In fact, the fastest growing companies since the year 2000 originally launched with just one product or a few products geared around one concept, and even to this day, still have only a few to maybe a half a dozen to a dozen products at the most.

Are there some companies that have 30-40-50 products, several hundred products, up to a few thousand products? Yes. You're not interested in some companies, remember? You're interested in what types of companies have had the greatest growth and the most success, and those are companies that have a limited number of products.

Finally, common denominator #3: They have a "binary" (2 team) pay plan with matching bonuses. This too is hardly surprising if you have a basic understanding of the 4 types of pay plans that have dominated the industry over the 30 years.

Be sure to read the pay plan section of the FREE website we're going to give you where all 4 types of plans are discussed, especially the difference between the pay plans of "old school" MLM (network marketing) companies like Amway, Herbalife, Shaklee, Tasly, Tienshi, Edmark, Oriflame, Neptunus, FLP, GNLD, Green World, and DXN versus the binary (2 team) pay plan. You'll be shocked at the differences!

Most exciting, you'll discover why binary pay plans have not only created the fastest growing companies in network marketing history, but have also created the biggest checks for the greatest number of people in the shortest period of time!

You're Looking to Find a Company With These 3 Characteristics!

So, if the companies that have had the GREATEST growth, the MOST success, and where distributors have earned the BIGGEST incomes are health and wellness companies with a limited number of products and a binary (2 team pay plan) with matching bonuses, then you don't need to be a genius to figure out that you must look for a company with those 3 characteristics!

Let others market different types of products and services other than health and wellness and earn less than they could, but not you! Let others jump on the "latest, greatest, hottest new deal," but not you! Let others get involved with "old school" MLM companies and work harder, make less, and wait longer to get paid, but not you!

Now the question becomes "which health and wellness company should you join forces with?" It's critical that you make the right decision as there are more than 3,000 companies in the industry today, and a new one launching every 24 hours it seems! The truth is there are probably 100 or more health and wellness companies that would have these 3 characteristics.

The key issue for your success now becomes this: Is there a way to reduce the list down to just a few select companies, if nothing else just to make our decision easier, and then once we have narrowed our list of choices down to just a few, is there a way to determine if one of these few would be a better choice than the others?

After all, if there is one that distinguishes itself from the remaining few, then our decision is already made for us! That's the company we join!

The answer to these questions is "Yes!" There is a way to narrow the list down to just a few and then determine if one of those few remaining companies distinguishes itself from the others! Here's how!

Revealed! 3 Most Important Parameters in Narrowing The List!

Here's a revelation for you:, there's no such thing as the "right company" as there are numerous companies that have all 3 of the characteristics or parameters we've just discussed, but, there is such a thing as picking a company that passes the "6 Parameters" test and picking a company at the "right time!"

You're looking for a company that meets these 3 additional and important criteria or parameters:

1) The company is at least 3-5 years old! You should avoid ALL new, start up, groundfloor network marketing companies! Why? 98% of ALL new MLM companies FAIL in their first 2-3 years! You don't want to be a guinea pig in someone's grandiose scheme or grand experiment!

Remember, you're looking to make a decision that puts the odds of success in your favor, not make a decision that forces you to beat the odds in order to succeed! Whenever you try to beat the odds, you're virtually guaranteed to fail! Jumping on the latest, greatest, hottest, new company is trying to beat the odds! You're betting that some new company you get involved with is going to be the rare 1, perhaps 2 out of 100 new companies that will survive at least 3 years!

Did you know that you can get better odds gambling in a casino! Let others make the mistake of jumping on the latest new, start up company that claims its going to be the next billion dollar giant! (There's a huge difference between an established company being new in a country and a new company just launching or being a few months to a year old. We're talking about companies that are brand new or perhaps only a year or two old!)

Have You Ever Been Told the "Big Lie?"

Don't fall for the "big lie" that many people involved in new, groundfloor companies promote: "It's those who get in at the beginning when a company first starts who make the big money." It's NOT true!

First, most of the top earners at the older, more established companies are NOT the ones who were in when those companies first launched! For example, Geri Cvitanovich was the 2nd person to ever sign up in Herbalife, starting with the company back in 1980, yet she is not the #1 income earner! Enrique Varela and Graciela Mier from Mexico are the top earners, even though they started in Herbalife 10 years after Geri first signed up!

USANA had been in business for 15 years before Rita Hui became a distributor, yet, within 3 years, she zoomed to the top of USANA.

Dexter Yeager has been with Amway since the early 1960's and has the world's largest Amway organization, yet the Chen's from Taiwan, who didn't join the company until 1982, more than 20 years after Dexter first got started, are today among the top 2 income earners in the world in Amway and earn almost as much, perhaps even more at times than Dexter!

It's not when you get in, but what you do once you get in that counts, that makes the difference! So, don't fall prey to the big lie that those who get in at the beginning are the ones that make the most money! It simply isn't true! New, groundlfoor, start up companies know there's a 98% probability they won't be in business 3 years from now, so they have to try to hook you with something that will appeal to your greed-now you have the facts so that you're no longer fooled!

Second, if that new, groundfloor company is not in business 2-3 years from now, how can you create a lifelong residual income or make a fortune if the company is no longer in business to pay you? Let us others take the huge risk of joining a new, groundfloor company and try to beat almost insurmountable odds, but not you! Besides, if their "hot, new deal" is a such a good opportunity today, it will be even better 3 years from now, IF it lasts that long!

You're looking for a company that is at least 3-5 years old, old enough that it has passed the 3 year mark where 98% of companies fail, and yet young enough for you to be able to work your way to the top and stand out, be someone special, and create a legacy income as well. (You could choose a company that has been around 15-20-25-30 years or longer, but they already have thousands of leaders! You'd get lost in the crowd! It would be difficult to rise through the ranks and stand out, let alone create an extraordinary income.

More importantly, they've already gone through their big, explosive growth spurts. You've missed the window of opportunity in terms of their momentum phase!)/p>

2) If there is a "secret," this would be it: You're looking for a health and wellness company that is about to achieve or has recently achieved $100 million U.S.D. in yearly sales!

Why is this $100 million U.S.D. number significant? Historically, whenever a company hits $100 million U.S.D. in yearly sales, they almost always triple to quadruple in size in the very next 12-18 months, and at that point, double in size again in the following 12-18 months.

In essence, hitting $100 million in yearly sales triggers "hyper-growth" over the next 36 months or 3 years. Ideally you want to get involved with a company as it first enters the beginning of this "hyper-growth" period, which can occur once a company is approaching or has recently achieved $100 million in yearly sales!

How often do companies break the $100 million a year barrier? Not very often! It's estimated that upwards of 50,000 opportunities have launched over the past 50 years and perhaps 200 have ever broken the $100 million a year sales barrier. Do the math! It's less than ½ of 1% of all the companies that have ever launched, which means that 99.5% of all companies will never achieve the magical $100 million in yearly sales number! This is why you'd be smart to join a company that has already achieved this number instead of joining a new or fairly young company as the odds are it never will!

Discover When the Fortunes in MLM Are Really Earned!

It's called the "3 year window," a period where the company will experience back to back periods of hyper-growth once it breaks the $100 million U.S.D. yearly sales mark, skyrocketing from $100 million U.S.D. in yearly sales to $300-$500 million U.S.D. in yearly sales, all within a short time span of around 36 months or 3 years.

More importantly, the "3 year window" is the period when the initial wave of extraordinary incomes and lifelong fortunes are created, but the window only opens once a company is approaching and/or surpasses $100 million in yearly sales! They're not earned by being in at the beginning of a "hot, new deal!"

In addition, in some cases, within 5 years of the 3 year window occurring, companies have gone on to generate $1 billion U.S.D. or more in yearly sales. Imagine riding a company's growth from just $100 million U.S.D. in yearly sales to $500 million to $1 billion a year U.S.D. or more in yearly sales!

This is how you create extraordinary yearly incomes and earn a fortune! You select a company to get involved with based on certain criteria (the 6 Parameters), especially timing, and you position yourself to take advantage of its hyper-growth phase. You don't jump from company to company, especially from a new or fairly young company to another new or fairly young company on a whim or emotion like others do! You take advantage of timing and positioning!

So, you're looking for a company that is at least 3-5 years old and is about to achieve or has recently surpassed $100 million U.S.D. in yearly sales because, based on history, you now know what's likely to occur to that particular company over the next 3 years! They are likely to triple to quadruple in size in the next 12-18 months, and, that point, double in size again over another 12-18 months. It's like having a crystal ball and being able to see the future before it arrives!

While others are chasing the "latest, greatest, hottest, new deal" and trying to beat the odds, only to likely to see that company fail within 2-3 years, leaving them to start all over again, you'll be positioned with a company about to enter its "hyper-growth phase," increasing your chances for building a large, successful organization and earning an above average to extraordinary income! You've guaranteed your shot at success while they've practically guaranteed their failure, unless they get lucky, and no smart entrepreneur bets their success on luck!

Can you see where knowing this valuable information gives you a huge, competitive advantage over others who don't have this formula? You can either use this information to your financial benefit or others will use it to their benefit at your expense!

Finally, anytime that you know something is likely to occur before many others, and that you can benefit financially from that event, and you don't take advantage of such an opportunity, shame on you! It's what every entrepreneur dreams of-being in the right place at the right time and knowing about something lucrative long before others find out!

3) Finally, there's Team and Culture.

In network marketing, there's a popular saying:

"Beginne rs look for Compensation Plan;
Veterans look for Company; and
Experts look for Team and Culture."

Yes, real experts in network marketing always look for a strong team to join because they believe that when they are on the right team, regardless of company, products, or pay plan, they'll move ahead much faster and achieve the long term success they desire, especially if they're involved with an opportunity where all 6 parameters for success are in place.

Although when you pursue a network marketing opportunity, you are in business for yourself, you will never be in business by yourself. We believe very much in teamwork and mentoring. There will always be capable mentors around to guide you!

So, be selective about who you enroll with and whose team you join because who you listen to, who you surround yourself with, who coaches and mentors you can have a profound impact on your success! Make sure the top leaders have both experience and a proven track record of success! Just because someone has been in the industry for 5-10-15-20 years does NOT make them knowledgeable, let alone successful!

Speaking of success, are they "one hit" wonders who haven't had any success in the past 10-15-20 years and are still riding on their laurels or accomplishments from the 1980's or 1990's, or have they been able to repeatedly build successful organizations and achieve top levels of achievements during their career?

In addition, be sure they have a duplicatable system, the tools necessary for you to succeed, a culture of success, and that you have access to both the leaders as well as their meetings and trainings!

Did You Uncover the "Secret Formula" That Guarantees You
Make the Right Decision on Which Path You Should Take?

In case you missed it, here it is! Timing and positioning are the 2 of the most important keys to success, and in order to increase your chances for success and maximize your income earning potential, you must position yourself with a health and wellness company that has a limited number of products, utilizes a binary (2 team) pay plan with matching bonuses, is at least 3-5 years old, is about to achieve or has recently surpassed $100 million U.S.D. in yearly sales, and has the team and culture you'll need to succeed!

The biggest mistake that most people commit, since they don't know the "6 Parameters" success formula, is they make a decision based on looking at a company, its products, and its pay plan first, and if they like what they see, hear, and read, especially after attending an opportunity meeting and witnessing some amazing success stories, they sign up!

It's a recipe for failure, unless you get lucky, because every distributor is going to tell you their company is the best, has the greatest products, and offers the most lucrative pay plan! Every company has a few incredible product testimonials and some amazing success stories. Those aren't the primary reasons to sign up in any company, the 6 Parameters are, especially parameter 5: timing and the "3 year window!"

One of the differences between you and some of the industry's most successful distributors and top income earners is that they make smart and calculated decisions about which opportunity they pursue based not on emotion or what they think or like, but rather on a formula that takes into account history, facts, trends, timing and positioning in order to put the odds and probabilities of success in their favor!

Like these successful distributors and top income earners, you need to begin your search by using the "6 Parameters Success Formula," narrow the list of potential health and wellness companies you could join down to those who meet all 6 criteria, and then, and only then, should you look at the companies, their products, and their pay plans in more detail as a way to determine if one company in particular appears to standout from the other few companies remaining on the list of those who meet the "6 Parameters" test. Most people have it backwards-they look at the company, its' products, and its' pay plan first! Big mistake!

If there is one company of the remaining few that meet the "6 Parameters" which distinguishes itself from the others, then the decision is already made for you! That's the company you bet your future on! If no one company stand outs at this point, then you could pick any one of the few remaining companies and opportunities and you'd be making a smart decision.

The Number of MLM Companies/Opportunities That Meet
All 6 Parameters Just Shrunk Down to Only a Few!

If you were to take the original list of companies that have the first 3 characteristics or "parameters" (health and wellness company, limited number of products, and a binary pay plan with matching bonuses) and then apply these final 3 criteria or "parameters" (at least 3-5 years old, about to reach or has recently achieved $100 million U.S.D. in yearly sales, and team/culture) you would now have reduced the original list of 100 or more potential companies you could join down to only a few companies!

In fact, you could count them on one hand!

At any moment in time, there are only a handful of network marketing companies that would pass the stringent "6 Parameters" formula. Once you have your list created of potential opportunities that meet all 6 parameters, now is when you look at the companies, their products, and their pay plan in more detail to determine if one particular company which meets the "6 Parameters" stands out from the other few which also meet the "6 Parameters."

While not an all encompassing list (that would require a book!) here are some important factors to consider:

First, does the owner(s) and management team have a "pro-distributor" mindset? Do they understand the nature of our industry? What is their philosophy? Do they listen to the field? (Do they have a distributor advisory council or leadership group they consult with?) Do they have previous experience as successful distributors or corporate experience working for a network marketing company, especially one(s) that have experienced explosive growth? (Creating explosive growth is one thing-being able to manage it is another matter!) Do they have a reputation for shipping products and sending commission checks on time? Are they members of the Direct Selling Association or MLMIA or a foreign version of such an organization?

Does the company have state of the art, web enhanced websites that allow you to take advantage of Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc? Do they have a sophisticated back office so that you can see a variety of important data in real time? Is their packaging (design of websites, bottles, print materials, etc.) first class or does it look cheap and amateurish?

How many customer service people do they have? How long have they worked there on average? (In many cases the first impression a new distributor gets is based on their first interaction with the company, which is usually someone in customer service/distributor support!)

Who formulates the products? Are they formulated by doctors or did the formula "come to the owner in a dream?" Do the products have mass market appeal? Do they have value, especially if they are more expensive than comparable over the counter products or competitive MLM products? Do they have a competitive edge? (Press coverage, awards, recommendations or endorsements from well known doctors and researchers and/or leading and credible magazines and publications?) Do they have a unique ingredient(s) and an interesting story? Does the company manufacture its own products? Are they pharmaceutical grade? Do they use a "cold fill" process or a "hot fill" process when manufacturing their products? What is the product's ORAC score?

Most importantly, do they have independent, randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical studies on their product or formula? (Studies on ingredients don't count! You can't extrapolate that because x ingredient has been shown to do this or that, especially in a test tube or on a mouse, that therefore it will do the same this or that in your product! You'd be laughed out of every credible scientific lab in the world with that reasoning!)

ORAC scores are great, but they are just one part of the picture and can sometimes be deceiving as they can be manipulated! What the product actually does inside the body is the most important consideration and the only way to determine this is with clinical studies on people that have actually used the product, not what happened in a test tube in somebody's lab or to some mouse in a experiment!

Can you build internationally? (Make sure they are legally marketing in international countries! Many companies aren't, especially new companies! They are "flying under the radar," waiting to get big enough before they do the registration, paperwork, and hire the lawyers to do the necessary compliance work, which takes both time and a money!

If you see companies just launching or just several years old that claim "we're global," "we're opening in 95 countries," etc., you know they're an illegal program in probably 94 of the 95! Stay away from them! They already have 2 strikes against them: first, they're new, and second, they haven't done the work required to be legally compliant in 95 countries, let alone have the large amounts of money needed for legal fees, registration fee, logistics, etc., in order to operate in that many countries in such a short period of time!

It's amazing the number of people who are gullible enough to believe such hype and can't wait to be one of the first ones involved in some "hot, new global opportunity!" (As you've already learned, that's not how the big incomes are earned and only fools jump into such opportunities!)

Amway and Herbalife, 2 multi-billion dollar companies who have each been in the industry for 30 years or more aren't even in 95 countries and yet some brand new upstart, most of whom start on a wing and prayer with very little money, is starting out in that many? Please, use some common sense!

Finally, regarding compensation plans, how many teams do you have to build to reach the top and earn the maximum income? How many people are you going to have to enroll in order to have a chance at building the required number of teams? What are the requirements to be active and to qualify for income? (Avoid companies that claim you can make money without having to sell anything, sponsor anyone, do anything, or meet some minimal monthly volume or performance requirement. Regulators consider such programs "illegal pyramid schemes!" They like to see distributors having to meet minimal requirements as a justification for earning an income on people below them, especially people they don't know!) Are you limited as to who counts towards your income or does everybody below you count? Does volume you're not paid on roll over from one month to the next or is the volume flushed? Do you get paid weekly or do you have to wait until the middle of the following month to get paid on what you do this month?

All of the above should go into your decision making process in concert with "the 6 Parameters," especially as a way of determining if one company in particular distinguishes itself from the other few that would pass the "6 Parameters" test.

We've Discovered One of the Few MLM Companies
That Passes the Stringent "6 Parameters" Test!

We've got great news! We've discovered a health and wellness company which has a limited number of products, has a binary pay plan with matching bonuses, but more importantly, is now 8 years old and it just recently surpassed $100 million U.S.D. in yearly sales, placing it on the Direct Selling News list of 100 biggest network marketing companies in the world based on yearly sales! Remember, history is a valuable teacher, and history also has a way of repeating itself! If history holds true, then this particular company is about to enter its "hyper-growth" phase, the 3 year period where the big fortunes will be earned! Now that's called perfect timing! You're getting involved as the "3 year window" has barely cracked open!

Most exciting, this particular company, which currently operates in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, has recently expanded into Africa with 3 unique, award winning, health and wellness breakthroughs and average people just like you in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa who pioneered VEMMA's expansion into their country are earning up to $1,000 U.S.D. or more in WEEKLY income within their first 90 days! You now have that same opportunity!

What Makes This Particular MLM Company Superior to
the Other Few Remaining MLM Companies on the List?

How about it is one of the few companies in the industry with human clinical studies which prove its products work and with one of the highest ORAC scores ever recorded! In addition, it is one of the small percentage of companies in the industry that manufactures its' own products!

How about it has 3 award winning breakthroughs developed by leading doctors, including one voted "Best Overall" liquid nutritional and antioxidant health product by The Men's Journal magazine and recommended by such world famous physicians as Dr. Mehmet Oz in Esquire magazine, another being the world's 1st healthy energy drink, voted "2009 Product of the Year" in the U.S. by Ms. Fitness magazine and its judging panel of doctors and fitness experts and the official product of several U.S. pro sports teams, and a third being a revolutionary, new product line and concept for weight loss/weight management endorsed by Chris Powell, top celebrity fitness trainer and star of a popular TV show on makeovers and weight loss, and recently given the 2012 American Business Stevie Award for Favorite New Product!

Most impressive, 2 of these breakthroughs were recently named the #1 MLM product in their particular category (#1 MLM liquid health product and #1 MLM energy drink) by and its judging panel of doctors in a comparison against other leading MLM brands! No other company's products have received more awards and recognition in the past few years than this particular company!

How about a lucrative compensation plan that has people just like you earning up to $2 million U.S.D. a year and more for building just 2 teams and which provides you the opportunity to get paid weekly! It sure beats having to build 5-10 teams or more that most "old school" MLM companies require and then having to wait until the middle of next month to get paid! (This company has several people on the list of top 100 biggest earners in the world in the network marketing industry!)

How about the fact that the parent company of this 9 year old, rapidly growing, international company is 18 years old and has generated over $1.5 billion in sales to date! (Who's more likely to build a long term, billion dollar network marketing company-people that have done it before like us or someone who has never done it? People that have done it before!)

How about the fact that this particular company is open now and legally operating in more than 50 countries around the world, providing you the opportunity to build a global business and make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you're at work, asleep, or on vacation! (We emphasize the word "legally" because many companies, especially ones that are new or only a year or two old, and who claim to be "global," are operating illegally in most of the countries they claim they're in!)

How about it has a management team with over 100 years of combined experience in the network marketing/direct selling industry, having either been successful distributors in other companies during their career and/or having held key corporate positions with some of the industry's largest and most successful companies!

How about it being ranked on the Direct Selling News list of top 100 network marketing companies in the world based on yearly sales revenue, being chosen as one of 2012's top 20 network marketing opportunities by, and recommended by Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad!" Now that's impressive!

No other network marketing (MLM) company that meets the "6 Parameters" can make ALL of the above statements, and if it is the only one that can make all of the above statements, then that's the company you should join!

These are just a few of the many reasons why this particular company stands out from the other few companies that pass the "6 Parameters" test, why it's been featured on the covers of such well known industry publications as Direct Selling News, Work at Home and Success From Home magazines, and why it's the obvious choice for you! Selecting any other company would be a compromise!

Most importantly, this particular company generated over $100 million in yearly sales in 2012 and is on track to hit $150-$200 million in yearly sales in 2013! In other words, they're just now entering the beginning stages of their first "3 year window!" Remember parameter #5? Now is the time to get positioned and take massive action! It's called perfect timing!

If You Want to Live Like a "Rock Star" & Earn Incomes Like These,
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See the picture above? Those are total earnings to date in U.S. dollars! Most exciting, top distributors are now earning up to $2 million a year and more after several years with the company. It's not get rich quick, it's a business, but it can be get rich in the long run.*

If you knew what we know, that could be you in the picture several years from now, especially since this particular company is just now entering the beginning stages of its' "3 year window!" Now that's called perfect timing!

And the best part is the distributorship is FREE and you can build a business in more than 50 countries around the world!*** Most exciting, those who reach lower levels of achievement such as Diamond or higher can qualify for our BMW/Mercedes car program or a monthly cash stipend in lieu of the car program! (Car program varies in different parts of the world-cash option available)**

Recommended by Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad!" &
Chosen a Top 20 MLM Opportunity by!

He's the best selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and a recognized expert on making money and building wealth. What do Robert Kiyosaki and Dr. Oz, perhaps the 2 most famous people in the world in their respective fields, and have in common? They all recommend this particular company, its products, and/or its business opportunity!

Now that's powerful! No other network marketing company can make the same statement! Shouldn't that be a clue as to which company you should join and which opportunity you should pursue?

Apparently thinks so, having named this particular company to its list of top 20 recommended network marketing opportunities for 2 consecutive years! Surely if this company and opportunity is good enough for the likes of Dr. Oz, Robert Kiyosaki, and, it should be good enough for you!

Robert Reveals the Name of This MLM Company
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Today, they're 2 of this company's top leaders with the #1 international organization and earning over $1 million U.S.D. a year in combined income!

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*Incomes mentioned are not typical. Your income, if any, will be dependant on your individual efforts and a variety of other factors. We make no promises or guarantees regarding your income as that would be illegal! Avoid any company or distributor who does! **The car program varies in different regions of the world. Cash bonus option available! ***Some products may not be available yet in various countries!