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Have you ever blown your last dollar joining the "latest, greatest, hottest, new deal that claimed to be the next billion dollar giant," only to see it fail within 2-3 years, leaving you to start over?

Or, ever jumped from deal to deal thinking if you just changed the scenery and joined a new company which marketed a different line of products or featured a different pay plan that you'd finally succeed?

Or, ever struggled to the point it left you disappointed and wanting to quit, wondering whether anyone makes money, let alone becomes wealthy in network marketing?Or, perhaps you're new to network marketing and wondering what company should I get involved? Or, how do I succeed in network marketing?

Whether you're new to the industry or have experience, you need to know the 5 Rules, the 6 Parameters Formula, the key questions to ask before joining any network marketing/MLM company, and how to properly evaluate companies, products, pay plans, and opportunities or you're likely destined to fail in the future, or at the very least, end up having to work harder, only to make less money than you should, and then having to wait longer to get paid less, unless you get lucky!

How to Avoid Making the Biggest Mistake That Leads to Failure!

The 3 most important decisions you'll make are 1) which company do I join? 2) what type of pay plan should I work? 3) Whose team do I join? Unfortunately, most people don't know how to properly evaluate companies, they have little to no extensive knowledge of the different types of pay plans, how they work, and the differences between one type of plan versus another, and this lack of knowledge in turn leads to poor choices and bad decisions, the #1 reason for failure!

Here's how most people make their decision: They listen to a conference call, watch a webinar, or go to a meeting, like what they hear, like what they see, like what they read, the company trots out a few top earners, everyone on the call, webinar, or in the meeting room is excited, so they decide to join. They make an emotional decision based on what they think or what they like, instead of a smart and calculated business decision, and this approach is a recipe for disaster!

As a result, they end up joining the wrong company, at the wrong time, with the wrong products, working the wrong pay plan, and on the wrong team, or they get involved with programs that are here today and gone tomorrow, or worse, an illegal pyramid scheme. You can't pick the wrong company, join a company at the wrong time, promote the wrong products, work the wrong pay plan, listen to and follow the wrong people, and expect to get the right results! No wonder they jump from one program to the next every 6-12 months, with success always eluding them!

Without knowledge such as the 5 Rules, the 6 Parameters Formula, knowing the key questions to ask, and an understanding of pay plans, making the right decisions is left to a matter of luck, and most people aren't that lucky! Combine the lack of knowledge and making poor choices and decisions with not developing the skills needed to succeed, and not having knowledgeable and experienced mentors to coach and guide you, and you're virtually guaranteed to fail!

The late Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping tycoon and one of the world's wealthiest men when he was alive, once said, "The secret to success is to know something nobody else knows!" Read this page very carefully because we're going to give you the opportunity to learn the "5 rules" for achieving financial freedom in the new millennium, the "6 Parameters Formula," and the key questions to ask before joining any company, valuable knowledge and information that few people know, which is being used by several industry insiders to give themselves a competitive edge against people like you!

The 5 Rules, 6 Parameters Formula, and the answers to key questions guarantees that you pick the right company, at the right time, promote the right products, work the right pay plan, and join the right team, thereby greatly increasing your chances for success and positioning you to earn the biggest income possible!

Most importantly, you won't learn this "million dollar formula" anywhere else because no one is teaching it! And that's because very few people know it! It's a culmination of extensive research that takes into account industry history, industry facts and trends, case studies, and timing, as well as firsthand experience in the network marketing industry over the past 4 decades, and, until now, has been known to only a select few!

Here's 3 Important Questions You Should Always Ask!

And that brings us to the first point we need to stress: Whenever you read a book, pop in a CD, listen to a speaker at a meeting or seminar, or visit a website, you should ask yourself 3 very important questions:

1)Why should I listen to this person? What makes them an expert?

2) Provided they establish their credibility, is there anything I can learn, that I can take with me and use to become more successful and earn more money?

3) Is it possible that this person could mentor or coach me? Better yet, is there any possible way that I could join this person's team and work with them?

Regarding the answer to question #1, my partner and I have a combined 70 years of experience in the direct selling/network marketing industry, having built some of the fastest growing, largest, and most successful organizations in the industry over the past 4 decades, with one or both of us having been featured in such industry publications as MoneyMaker's Monthly (now the Network Marketing Business Journal), on the list of top 200 biggest earners in the world in the network marketing industry, and honored with induction into the Academy of MLM !

In fact, in our past 3 opportunities, we've built combined teams of almost 1 million distributors, our groups have generated around $2 billion U.S.D. in sales, numerous people on our teams have earned up to $1 million U.S.D. a year or more, and we've collectively earned $20 million U.S.D. (Not bad considering one of us never graduated from high school and the other dropped out of college!)

In addition, we helped to pioneer the binary pay plan for the MLM industry back in the early 90's, we were among the first to introduce automated, online recruiting systems to the network marketing industry, and we have extensive knowledge and in depth experience in regards to compensation plans, regulatory compliance and international expansion.

Who Are You Listening To? It Matters!

It would be fair to say that we're considered 2 of the top network marketers in the world today, which is in stark contrast to many people you'll meet online who, despite having self appointed titles like "internet marketing consultant," "home based business expert," "lead generation consultant," "network marketing coach," "success coach," and the like, actually have little to no experience and no proven track record of success!

How can this be, you ask? It's simple. They bought some e-book or information package from a supposed "internet marketing guru" who has taught them to "brand" themselves to be something they're not (an expert) in order to "attract" people like you so they can sell you the guru's information or system and make some money, all under the guise of wanting to help you succeed! Amazing, but true! We run across these folks all the time!

You need to ask some hard questions to people claiming to be "experts," "consultants," "coaches," and the like. How long have they been in the network marketing industry? What size groups have they built before? What types of incomes have they earned? Are they top leaders in their current opportunity? Have they personally used whatever they're trying to sell you and what type of results did it generate? If they don't sound credible and can't provide documentation that can be verified, you need to drop them like a hot potato!

And if they try to avoid answering the hard hitting questions, then you know they're not really experts! Boy, are there some stories we could tell about our experiences online with some of these so-called experts or gurus, but we'll save those for another day!

As far as the answer to question #2, we're confident you'll probably learn more about how to succeed in network marketing after reviewing the information you're going to receive than you've probably learned in your entire career, especially once you've learned the "6 Parameters" formula and key questions to ask, a proven and systematic approach to making decisions and putting the odds of success in your favor!

In terms of the answer to question #3, we'll leave that up to you! Suffice to say, many who have had the opportunity to work with us have gone on to become 6 and 7 figure yearly income earners, many of whom had never enjoyed that type of success and income prior to working with us! You could be next, provided you learn and apply the valuable information you're about to receive, follow a proven blueprint for success, you're willing to make the changes and the take the action necessary to succeed, and you're teachable and coachable!

In fact...

You are standing right in front of a vast, limitless mountain of

the you're likely to ever earn - only you can't see them, never

will....unless you learn and apply the secrets we share!

It is estimated that 80% of network marketers never earn a red cent in profit! And the truth is, virtually none of them ever will. They live broke, stay broke and will probably die broke, while a small minority continue to rake in hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, up to $100,000 a month and more! It's true! They are just as broke today as they were when they signed up in their first program! Does this sound familiar to you, too? If that's your reality, let us ask you this:

Have you ever wondered why some distributors make up to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, all the way up to $100,000 a month or more, while others struggle to just break even, let alone earn a profit from all their hard work? Perhaps you've been one of those struggling?

Did you ever consider that there might be just a few small differences between you and the industry's top earners, and that those small differences are what produce massively different results? A simple reason or two that has eluded you up until now - that others may already know about?

As you read this, we're here to tell you that you have may have one final chance to grasp the future you've always wanted! It's out there, but probably not where you think. And if it wasn't for the valuable, life changing information you're about to receive, it would stay that way, until one day in the not so distant future, out of sheer frustration at another failure, you walk away from an industry you could have taken so much from, an industry that may have one day changed your life, forever.

Don't let that happen to you! You're about to discover that the future you want is hiding from you and we're going to reveal how and where to look to find it, while you still have the chance to do it!

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Today, we're 2 of our company's top leaders with the #1 international organization and earning upwards of $1.5 million U.S.D. a year in combined income!

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